Saturday, 15 January 2011


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Grace Garcia said...

I LOVE this! :O
Simply amazing!

SammLeighx said...

Looks cool!
Can't wait ;D

Æ’iggy101 said...

Wow, it looks wonderful!

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

Hi! I'd like to be male model if you need one!
Name: Rafael
Sd Username: Rafi101
Age: 14
Previous Model jobs: in several clubs, blog campaigns and i was 5th place in "Stardoll's next top role model" (

Hope I'll hear soon from you. :D

Punky_Lissy said...

hei, I advertised your magazine on my blog;)

TheQueeness/NeonTiara. said...

lovely spoiler!

TheQueeness/NeonTiara. said...

lovely! ca't wait!

Anonymous said...

I would really like to be a model as well! Here are some photos of my doll:


Stardoll name : lovinjudas
Real name : Karolina

stardollElite-Magazine said...

awesome cool (:

Anonymous said...

If i have to wait soo long i am not ready

Anonymous said...

i want to be a model user name at stardoll charalambous